Episode 9 - Removing False Perceptions About People, The Roland R-05, and Zend Expressive

09.11.2015 15:00

There's no guests in this episode. Instead I explore a range of topics, including one quite dear to me - how we can build up preconceptions of what other people think of us.

I explore this and consider how false preconceptions can hinder us both personally and in our careers. With the exploration done, I throw down a challenge to get over them and see life, and see other people as they really are - not how we think they might be.

As well as that, I give a massive plug for the Roland R-05 Wave/MP3 recorder which will be by my side at PHP World Conference where I'll be chatting with so many amazing people. I also give a shout out for an amazing aspect of Zend Framework 3, which is Zend Expressive.

It's a quirky solo episode this one, but one I'm sure you'll get a lot out of.

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