Episode 11 - The Life of a Developer Evangelist, with Developer Jack

21.12.2015 15:00

In this episode I have a fireside chat about what it's like to live the life of a developer evangelist with Jack Skinner, otherwise known as @developerjack, whilst he was at the first BuzzConf.

He talked with me about the crazy hours, random locations, shared some stories from the road, such as having a conference call whilst walking down the boarding gate to catch a flight. If you don't, yet, know Jack, he's a developer evangelist at MYOB, which is an Australian software development company specialising in accounting and business management software, the market leader I believe. He shared so much gold in this chat that I'm itching to share it with you. Here's a summary of the key things he said.

  • An evangelist works closely with the community
  • He helps developers build awesome software, preferably with our (MYOB's) platform
  • You're always still learning
  • Be really passionate
  • Be passionate about one particular thing and grow it from there
  • Speak from the heart about what you love

He's a very warm, genuine, and passionate person, so I know you're going to love this episode.

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