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Write For Us | Submit a Guest Post

freethegeek.fm now offers the Submit a Guest Post Technology to website visitors. This site is a regular site for startup founders, technology enthusiasts, financiers, and entrepreneurs seeking unique content – the newest technology startup news, emerging technology news, and innovation that fills their interests and curiosity. We would like to invite all tech writers and other tech bloggers to write for us technology.

We are now seeking guest posts and article submissions from freelancers and contributing authors from the United States, Europe, Canada, Brazil, and Australia.

What is a Guest Post?

A guest post is a type of content that is written and published on someone else’s website or blog. It is typically created by a writer who is not affiliated with the website or blog on which the post is published. The purpose of a guest post is to provide valuable content to the host website’s readers, while also giving the guest author exposure and the opportunity to reach a new audience.

Guest posting is a popular strategy for bloggers, content creators, and marketers who want to expand their reach and build their authority in their niche. By publishing guest posts on high-quality, relevant websites, they can attract new readers, build backlinks to their website, and increase their online visibility and credibility.

Guest posts should be well-written, informative, and relevant to the host website’s audience. They should also include a bio and a link back to the guest author’s website or blog, which can help drive traffic and improve SEO.


Submit a Guest Post Technology Guidelines :

We have provided rules for you to follow in order to begin writing a guest post for our website.
Let us now go over the guidelines:

  1. The article must be exact and new; the object must be instructive and attractive in the proper structure, including a title and subheading.
  2. The object’s length must be 900 words; you may also provide info graphics images to make your post more appealing.
  3. Upon the publication of your post on our website. You are not permitted to post it on another blog or on your own website. If we find the same content on many websites and are able to delete it immediately, we should do so.
  4. Please provide an image of the thing that best reflects your topic.
  5. We allow one hyperlink within the object body’s center.
  6. We will review your item within 24 hours if it meets all of the criteria. We then post it on our website.
  7. Email the item to 2tech.net2021@gmail.com using mail in phrase document.


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Submit a Guest Post Technology Guidelines

We Accept Guest Posts On following categories:


  1. Technology

  2. FinTech

  3. Internet of Things

  4. Cloud Computing

  5. Web Development

  6. Web Hosting

  7. Cyber Security

  8. Anti-Virus

  9. Data Recovery

  10. SaaS

  11. FinTech

  12. CryptoCurrency

  13. Search Engine Optimization

  14. Hacking

  15. Search Engine Optimization

  16. More

Main Benefits of Guest Post Backlinks

There are a variety of reasons to utilize guest posts in your typical digital marketing approach.

Whether you wish to improve blog traffic, search engine rankings, or something else, there are benefits for everyone.