The world of Destiny 2 extends far beyond the game itself, with a vibrant online community thriving on platforms like Reddit. For any Guardian seeking news, tips, humour, or just a place to connect with fellow players, r/DestinyTheGame is the go-to destination.

What to Expect on r/DestinyTheGame:

  • News and Updates: Stay ahead of the curve with the latest scoops on upcoming content, patch notes, and developer insights directly from Bungie and fellow Guardians.

  • Guides and Tips: Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a new Guardian, find comprehensive guides covering everything from raid strategies to weapon optimization.

  • Discussions and Debates: Dive deep into the game’s lore, analyze gameplay mechanics, and share your opinions on the current state of Destiny 2 with passionate players.

  • Humour and Memes: Take a break from the grind and enjoy a laugh with hilarious Destiny-themed memes and artwork created by the community.

  • LFG and Clans: Find teammates to tackle challenging activities or join a clan for a more social and collaborative experience.

  • Community Events and Contests: Participate in fun events and contests organized by the community to win exclusive rewards and bragging rights.

Beyond the Main Subreddit:

In addition to the main subreddit, various dedicated branches cater to specific interests within the Destiny 2 community:

  • r/raidsecrets: Delve deeper into the game’s mysteries and uncover hidden mechanics alongside other dedicated lore enthusiasts.

    Image of r/raidsecrets
  • r/DestinyFashion: Showcase your Guardian’s unique style and discover inspiring fashion trends from other players.

    Image of r/DestinyFashion
  • r/DestinyMemes: Get your daily dose of Destiny-themed humor with hilarious memes and jokes created by the community.

  • r/Destiny2PvP: Discuss the intricacies of PvP gameplay, share tips and strategies, and find teammates for competitive Crucible matches.

Destiny 2 Memes: A Hilarious Roundup

Destiny 2 is a beloved game, but it’s not without its quirks and funny moments. Here are some bullet points highlighting hilarious memes that capture the essence of the Guardian life:

Bugs and Glitches:

  • “Finally beat the raid boss! Wait, why am I doing the Macarena?”
  • “I died to a rock. Again.”
  • “Bungie, please fix Xur’s inventory. He keeps selling me the same useless things.”
  • “My character just T-posed in front of the entire enemy army. I think they were more confused than I was.”
  • “I’m convinced that the only reason I haven’t gotten that exotic drop is because the loot pool is sentient and hates me.”

Grind and RNG:

  • “Me trying to get that one elusive god roll weapon: I’m beginning to think it’s just a myth.”
  • “The grind is real. But hey, at least I have enough glimmer to buy another sparrow.”
  • “Me watching others get the exotic drop I’ve been grinding for hours: Cries in Guardian
  • “Bungie, please give us some better ways to earn Bright Dust. I’m tired of dismantling shaders.”
  • “Me opening an engram: Come on, come on, give me something good! …Oh, it’s just another blue.”


  • “The Crucible experience: Get spawn camped, get teabagged, repeat.”
  • “Me trying to use a sniper in PvP: Aims for head, hits wall behind them
  • “The shotgun ape is coming! Run away!”
  • “Me trying to explain to my teammates why they should play the objective: Cries in lost match
  • “Me after getting hate mail from the opposing team: Confused Guardian noises

General Humor:

  • “Me trying to explain Destiny lore to someone who’s never played: It’s complicated, okay?
  • “My Ghost after I die for the 10th time in the same spot: Disappointed robot noises
  • “Me trying to look fashionable in Destiny: Fashion disaster ensues
  • “Me trying to complete a raid with my friends: Chaos and laughter ensue
  • “Destiny 2: Where you can spend hours playing a game you love and still have no idea what you’re doing.”


  • “Me after finally getting that one elusive god roll weapon: This is my life now.

These are just a few examples of the many hilarious Destiny 2 memes out there. They capture the fun, frustration, and camaraderie that make this game so special. So next time you’re feeling down, take a break and scroll through some Destiny 2 memes. You’re sure to have a laugh.

Why You Should Join the Destiny 2 Reddit Community:

  • Stay Informed: Be the first to know about the latest news and updates, and gain valuable insights from experienced players.

  • Improve Your Gameplay: Learn new strategies, discover hidden mechanics, and optimize your loadouts with the help of the community.

  • Make Friends: Connect with other Guardians, find teammates for activities, and join a clan for a more social and supportive experience.

  • Have Fun: Enjoy the lighthearted side of Destiny with humorous memes, artwork, and community events.

Destiny 2 isn’t just a game; it’s a community. A vibrant and welcoming group of players from all walks of life who come together to explore the vast world, tackle challenging activities, and forge lasting friendships. The spirit of community is woven into the very fabric of the game, evident in countless ways:

1. Helping New Players:

  • Sherpas: Experienced players who volunteer their time to guide new Guardians through raids, dungeons, and other challenging activities.
    Image of Destiny 2 Sherpa
  • Friendly LFG: Looking for Group (LFG) platforms where players connect to build fireteams for various activities, often offering help and encouragement to those less experienced.
    Image of Destiny 2 LFG
  • In-game Guides and Tutorials: Veteran players creating comprehensive guides and tutorials to help others learn the game’s intricacies.

2. Sharing Knowledge and Resources:

  • Community forums and websites: Dedicated forums and websites like Reddit’s r/DestinyTheGame serve as hubs for information sharing, discussion, and community building.
    Image of r/DestinyTheGame
  • Content creators: Streamers, YouTubers, and other content creators provide valuable insights, strategies, and entertainment for the community.
  • Fan art and cosplay: Artists and cosplayers showcase their passion for the game through creative expressions, adding a unique and vibrant layer to the community.

3. Collaborative Endeavors:

  • Clans: Groups of players who band together for social and cooperative play, tackling challenges, sharing resources, and building lasting friendships.
    Image of Destiny 2 Clan
  • Community events and contests: Organizers create exciting events and contests that bring players together, fostering teamwork, creativity, and friendly competition.
  • Charitable fundraising: The Destiny community has a strong history of coming together for charitable causes, raising significant funds for various organizations.

4. Positive Interactions and Support:

  • Helping others in need: The community is quick to rally around players facing personal challenges or in-game struggles, offering support, encouragement, and resources.
  • Celebrating triumphs and achievements: Players share their accomplishments and victories, creating a sense of shared joy and community pride.
  • Welcoming diverse perspectives: The Destiny community embraces diversity and inclusivity, welcoming players of all backgrounds and fostering a respectful and positive environment.

These are just a few examples of the many ways the community spirit thrives in Destiny 2. This strong sense of belonging and camaraderie contributes significantly to the game’s enduring popularity and makes it so much more than just a game. It’s a place where friendships are forged, challenges are overcome, and laughter and joy are shared.


  • Q: I’m new to Reddit. How do I get started?

A: Reddit has a user-friendly interface and plenty of resources available to help newcomers get started. Check out their official help page ( and explore the different subreddits to find communities that interest you.

  • Q: What are some good tips for navigating the Destiny 2 subreddit?

A: Familiarize yourself with the subreddit rules and guidelines, utilize the search bar to find specific topics, and upvote posts you find helpful or informative. Additionally, consider joining Discord servers associated with the subreddit for more in-depth discussions and community interactions.

  • Q: I’m not sure which subreddit is right for me.

A: Explore the main Destiny 2 subreddit (r/DestinyTheGame), and then check out the various dedicated branches mentioned above based on your specific interests.


The Destiny 2 subreddit provides a valuable resource for players of all experience levels. By participating in the community, you can stay informed, improve your gameplay, make friends, and have fun while exploring the vast world of Destiny 2.

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