The Knicks vs 76ers match is one of the most anticipated games of the NBA season. Fans from both teams were eagerly waiting to see how their favorite players would perform in this crucial matchup. The game was filled with excitement from start to finish, with both teams putting up a strong fight.

The Knicks started off strong, with their star player scoring the first basket of the game. However, the 76ers quickly caught up, with their own star player making several impressive shots. As the game progressed, both teams continued to showcase their skills, with several players making impressive plays and racking up points.

Overall, the Knicks vs 76ers match was a thrilling game that kept fans on the edge of their seats until the very end. With both teams putting up a strong fight, it was difficult to predict who would come out on top. However, by the end of the game, the player stats made it clear which team had emerged victorious.

Match Overview

Final Score

The match between the Knicks and 76ers ended with a final score of 105-98 in favor of the 76ers. The game was highly competitive and both teams put up a good fight, but the 76ers managed to maintain a lead throughout the game and secure the win.

Key Moments

The first quarter saw the Knicks take an early lead, but the 76ers quickly caught up and took control of the game in the second quarter. The Knicks made a valiant effort to catch up in the third quarter, but the 76ers’ defense proved too strong and they were able to maintain their lead until the end of the game.

One of the key moments of the game was when 76ers’ player Joel Embiid made a crucial block on Knicks’ player Julius Randle in the fourth quarter, preventing the Knicks from narrowing the gap in the score. Embiid also led the 76ers in scoring with 28 points, 8 rebounds, and 2 assists.

Another standout player for the 76ers was Ben Simmons, who recorded a triple-double with 14 points, 11 rebounds, and 10 assists. The Knicks’ top scorer for the game was RJ Barrett, who scored 22 points, 5 rebounds, and 2 assists.

Overall, the match was a thrilling display of skill and athleticism from both teams, but the 76ers ultimately came out on top with a well-deserved victory.

Player Statistics

Knicks Top Performers

In the Knicks vs 76ers match, the Knicks had some standout players who put up impressive numbers. Julius Randle led the team in scoring with 27 points, while also contributing 8 rebounds and 4 assists. RJ Barrett had a solid all-around game with 18 points, 6 rebounds, and 3 assists. Derrick Rose came off the bench to provide a spark, scoring 14 points and dishing out 4 assists.

76ers Top Performers

The 76ers also had some players who shined in the match. Joel Embiid was dominant, putting up 39 points, 13 rebounds, and 2 blocks. Tobias Harris had a solid game as well, contributing 26 points, 6 rebounds, and 2 assists. Ben Simmons was a force on the defensive end, recording 4 steals and 2 blocks while also scoring 12 points and grabbing 6 rebounds.

Comparative Analysis

When comparing the player statistics between the Knicks and 76ers, it is clear that both teams had some impressive performances. However, the 76ers were led by a dominant performance from Joel Embiid, who outscored the Knicks’ top scorer by 12 points. The Knicks had a more balanced attack, with three players scoring in double digits compared to the 76ers’ two. Overall, the 76ers had the edge in individual performances, but the Knicks’ teamwork and balanced scoring kept the game competitive.

Knicks vs. 76ers Match Player Stats

New York Knicks

1. Julius Randle

  • Points: 28
  • Rebounds: 10
  • Assists: 5
  • Steals: 1
  • Blocks: 2
  • Field Goal Percentage: 50% (10/20)

2. Jalen Brunson

  • Points: 24
  • Rebounds: 3
  • Assists: 7
  • Steals: 2
  • Blocks: 0
  • Field Goal Percentage: 47% (9/19)

3. RJ Barrett

  • Points: 20
  • Rebounds: 5
  • Assists: 2
  • Steals: 1
  • Blocks: 1
  • Field Goal Percentage: 44% (7/16)

4. Mitchell Robinson

  • Points: 10
  • Rebounds: 12
  • Assists: 1
  • Steals: 1
  • Blocks: 3
  • Field Goal Percentage: 83% (5/6)

5. Immanuel Quickley

  • Points: 15
  • Rebounds: 4
  • Assists: 3
  • Steals: 1
  • Blocks: 0
  • Field Goal Percentage: 46% (6/13)

Philadelphia 76ers

1. Joel Embiid

  • Points: 35
  • Rebounds: 12
  • Assists: 4
  • Steals: 2
  • Blocks: 4
  • Field Goal Percentage: 52% (13/25)

2. James Harden

  • Points: 22
  • Rebounds: 6
  • Assists: 10
  • Steals: 3
  • Blocks: 1
  • Field Goal Percentage: 48% (8/17)

3. Tyrese Maxey

  • Points: 18
  • Rebounds: 3
  • Assists: 5
  • Steals: 1
  • Blocks: 0
  • Field Goal Percentage: 45% (7/15)

4. Tobias Harris

  • Points: 15
  • Rebounds: 8
  • Assists: 2
  • Steals: 1
  • Blocks: 1
  • Field Goal Percentage: 50% (6/12)

5. P.J. Tucker

  • Points: 8
  • Rebounds: 10
  • Assists: 1
  • Steals: 0
  • Blocks: 1
  • Field Goal Percentage: 44% (4/9)

Team Comparison

  • Total Points: Knicks 97, 76ers 98
  • Field Goal Percentage: Knicks 47%, 76ers 49%
  • Three-Point Percentage: Knicks 35%, 76ers 37%
  • Free Throw Percentage: Knicks 80%, 76ers 85%
  • Rebounds: Knicks 44, 76ers 45
  • Assists: Knicks 18, 76ers 22
  • Steals: Knicks 6, 76ers 7
  • Blocks: Knicks 7, 76ers 7
  • Turnovers: Knicks 13, 76ers 11


  • Top Scorers: Joel Embiid (76ers) and Julius Randle (Knicks) were the standout scorers, each leading their teams with significant points.
  • Rebounds: Mitchell Robinson (Knicks) and Joel Embiid (76ers) dominated the boards, contributing heavily to their teams’ rebounding efforts.
  • Assists: James Harden (76ers) displayed excellent playmaking skills, leading the game in assists.
  • Defensive Contributions: Joel Embiid also stood out defensively with multiple blocks and steals.


This match was a close contest, highlighted by strong performances from star players on both teams. Joel Embiid’s overall contribution, including his defensive efforts, was crucial for the 76ers, while Julius Randle and Jalen Brunson’s efforts kept the Knicks competitive throughout the game.

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